Space Resources Publications by Workshop members

In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Design & Build Projects

Lordos G., Vanderhout A., Adams A., de Filippi, R., Takaheshi, R., Alowayed, M., Hoffman, J., Apr 2021, HYDRATION: Mining Water Ice on the Moon and Mars Using Downhole Radiative Heating, 17th Biennial Earth & Space Conference

Amy C., Bégin M., Browder B., Chan M., Dawson C., do Vale Pereira P., Hank T. J., Hinterman E., Lordos G., Martell B., Miller A., O’Neill C., Padia, V. J., Stamler N., Todd J., Wang N., Newman D.J., de Weck O.L., Hoffman J.A., Nov 2020, Autonomously Deployable Tower Infrastructure for Exploration and Communication in Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions, ASCEND

ISRU in Moon and Mars Settlement Architectures

Montes J., Hudgins E., Cannon K., Lordos G., van Susante P. et al, Apr 2021, LOON—An Exploration of Lunar-Native Urban Planning, 17th Biennial Earth & Space Conference

Lordos G. and Lordos A., Oct 2020, Preparing for the socio-behavioural challenges of a populous, semi-independent settlement on Mars through a new generation of multi-team, empowerment-oriented Mars analogue missions, 71st International Astronautical Congress

Todd J., Lordos G., Browder B., Martell B. and O’Neill C., Sept 2020, Ensuring Economically Viable Lunar Settlements: ASCENDxCo-Lab Proceedings Report, ASCENDxCo-Lab Proceedings Report

Lordos G. and Lordos A., Nov 2019, Star City: Designing a Settlement on Mars, 1st place award, 22nd Annual Mars Society Convention

Babakhanova S. et al Aug 2019, Mars Garden: An Engineered Greenhouse for a Sustainable Residence on Mars, AIAA Propulsion and Energy 

Lordos G., Summers S., Hoffman J. and de Weck O., Mar 2019, Human-Machine Interactions in Apollo and Lessons Learned for Living Off the Land on Mars, IEEE Aerospace Conference

ISRU Trade studies and Decision Support

Eiskowitz S., Dolan S., Latyshev K., Lordos G., Moraguez M., Trujillo A., Cameron B., de Weck O. and Crawley E., Oct 2020, Quantifying the Impact of Cryo-Management, ISRU, and Fuel Cell Lunar Technology Infusion to a Notional Mars LOX/LH2 Architecture, 71st International Astronautical Congress

Lordos G., Guerster M., Cameron B., de Weck O. and Hoffman J., Mar 2020, Tradespace Exploration of Space Settlement Architectures Using Long-term Cost and Benefit Metrics, IEEE Aerospace Conference

Lordos G., Moraguez M., Trujillo A., Wald S., de Neufville R. and de Weck O., Oct 2019, Investment Decision Model for a Commercially Owned and Operated Space Station in Low Earth Orbit, International Astronautical Congress

Lordos G., Hoffman J. and de Weck O., Jun 2019, Lifetime Embodied Energy: A New Value System for the ISRU Space Economy, Space Resources Roundtable 

Lordos G. and de Weck O., Oct 2018, Evaluating the Sustainability of Long-Term Manned Mars Campaigns Using a Physical Economics Framework, International Astronautical Congress

Lordos G., Summers S. and Hoffman J., Sept 2018, Towards a Sustainable Industrial Development of Mars: Comparing Novel ISRU / ISM Architectures Using Lifetime Embodied Energy, AIAA SPACE