Pale Red Dot

Pale Red Dot (Sep 2022 - Jun 2023)

  • Polis-based Architecture for the Long-term Exploration of the Red planet, with Exciting and Diverse Developmental Opportunities to Thrive
  • Awards: First Place Overall and Best in Theme: Homesteading Mars at the NASA 2023 RASC-AL Competition
  • Theme challenge: develop a Mars human exploration architecture that can enable astronauts to live on the surface of Mars for at least 7 years with minimal resupply from Earth.​
  • Approach: aim for robustness and thriving, not just surviving, using a large architecture of two villages and 36 crew, supported by an extensive makerspace on Mars and in-situ resource utilization.
  • The two nearby villages are energy-rich, water-rich, food-rich, time-rich and capability-rich, with extensive self-rescue capabilities.
  • Short Video summarizing the concept, technical paper and poster, long video of presentation and Q&A at RASC-AL 2023.

For more information, please contact the team lead Madelyn Hoying or the lead designer George Lordos.