MARINA (2016-2017)


MARINA (MAnaged, Reconfigurable, In-space Nodal Assembly) is a concept for a commercially owned and operated space station and space hotel developed by an interdisciplinary MIT team for the NIA / NASA RASC-AL 2017 competition. The MARINA concept is like a full-service yacht marina, but in LEO: customer modules berthed at MARINA receive useful resources such as power, air, water and data services, pass on waste for reprocessing and disposal, and provide the opportunity to interact and socialize with fellow MARINA inhabitants. MARINA has standardized interfaces for internal and external customer-owned modules. A luxury space hotel is MARINA’s anchor tenant, with NASA & other tenants. The main idea is to have a modular design so that it can be expanded depending on demand.

MARINA received the First Place in the graduate division of NASA's 2017 RASC-AL competition.