Interested to find out more? Here are the points of contact for current Space Resources Workshop teams (kerberos in brackets)

  • For the new Homesteading Mars and Lunar Forge teams, please reach out to SRW founder, George Lordos (glordos)
  • For the BART & MARGE Mars water-based ISRU architecture team, please reach out to Chloe Gentgen (cgentgen)
  • For the WORMS extreme terrain access robotic mobility team, please reach out to Michael Brown (mbrownjr), Brooke Bensche (bbensche), Sharmi Shah (sharmis) or Cesar Meza (mezace17).
  • For the continuing deployable lunar tower MELLTT / SELTI team, currently in the second year of our three-year Space Act Agreement with NASA Langley to develop a flight version of our tower, please reach out to Alex Miller (asmiller) or Ben Martell (martellb).
  • For the Mars Ice team (HYDRATION III), older projects, or for any other questions, please reach out to George Lordos (glordos).